Do not forget to know the password for the smartphone password!

Nowadays, users store a lot of personal information on the smartphone. And everyone uses passwords to keep that information safe. It is difficult to remember if you give it a password. But many users can not afford to worry about it, that is, sometimes they forget their password pattern.
If you know how to turn on your phone again.
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জেনে নিন স্মার্টফোনের পাসওয়ার্ড প্যাটার্ন ভুলে গেলে কী করবেন !
1. Turn off the smartphone switch.
2. Press the bar volume button, power button, and home screen button simultaneously.
3. Five options will be flashed on the screen-
Reboot data
Install update
Power down
Advanced options
4. Select the second option ie the white data/factory reset and press 'yes'. But think once before doing this. Because once you do this, all previous data will be deleted. So always keep data backed up.
5. After some time you will want to restart your phone. Then unlock the phone and set a new pattern.

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